Bar Owners fighting S.C. Recycling Bill

March 3, 2011

The Associated Press
The State

Bar and restaurant owners said Wednesday that a proposal to require them to recycle would cost too much and be difficult to implement, but legislators considering the measure doubted it would hurt the bottom line of most businesses.

The legislation that a Senate panel discussed would require such businesses to have a recycling plan when they renew, or apply, for alcohol licenses. However, the state, under the measure, couldn't refuse to issue a license to a bar or restaurant that didn't have or follow a recycling plan.

The change would make South Carolina only the second state in the nation to have such a requirement. It's similar to a 2007 North Carolina law. Columbia officials are using a $100,000 DHEC grant this year to place recycling bins inside the city's bars and restaurants, but the city does not require the businesses use them.
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